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Let’s pray for the U17

Jan 6, 2011, 12:50 PM

As our national Under-17 - the Baby Scorpions - play Congo this Sunday in the CAF U17 Cadet Championship in Rwanda, we call on all Gambians to rally behind the team and to give the boys maximum support, especially through our prayers since, as a nation, we will not be there physically with them.

Despite, we should endeavour to pray for the boys at the mosques and churches for the success of the team.

We were informed that the team had some good training and preparation in Egypt, before proceeding to Rwanda. We are, therefore, highly hopeful of a good result, and so wish them all the best.

The Gambia U17 team, at the junior category, did extremely well in the previous cadet competitions, which has earned the country great respect at the international level.

All Gambians should support “the Gambia for Gold” Campaign whose goal is to achieve the lofty dream of qualifying for all international competitions.

Meanwhile, we strongly believe that the U17 team will defend The Gambia’s title by putting up excellent performance, and winning as well as bringing the trophy home.

May the God Almighty grant our prayers.  Amen!