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Lang Tombong Declared GNOC President

Apr 22, 2009, 7:18 AM

According to a Press Release from the GNOC Secretariat, Lang Tombong Tamba, Vice President of the Gambia Football Association, was the only Presidential nomination for the GNOC presidency by the close of nominations on 15th April 2009. This means that come the June Congress, Tamba is to be elected unopposed.

Meanwhile the only other contender, Abdoulie Touray, had withdrawn his candidature in support of Tamba whose leadership and other qualities have been widely extolled.

On the part of the associations, wide-based approval has been given in favour of Tamba. His big support has derived from his great work in the sporting arena both on the field of play and also in organization and administration. In all these areas, Lang has worked dynamically, selflessly and untiringly. He has been very effective and proficient although very modest and unassuming.

This is the sort of selection everybody wants to see. Selection should be well deserved and not based on politics, friendships or other considerations.

On basis of Major General Tamba's nomination therefore, it is expected that the rest of the GNOC appointments will follow this laudable trend; that people will be appointed strictly on merit.

In that way, things will progress smoothly and sports can develop to the best level. For this to happen, it will be important to set necessary criteria to achieve the best Olympic Bureau we can get. In that case, consideration would need to be made for a candidate's personal contribution to sports. A candidate would have to show some years of active participation in sports, and also in the organization, development and administration of sports at all levels.

Not only ability, but also dedication, commitment and adequate service should also count. We should also be mindful of the need for change. Change is necessary so that new initiatives and new pairs of hands can be utilized for the good and progress of sports. There is a need for changes in the Bureau.

It is everyone's hope that come June, The Gambia will have a new vibrant Bureau based on proper selection criteria and not propaganda, friendships or affiliations.

We should put our best people forward especially those who have not had the chance to participate and contribute at this national level.

We hope with the election of Major General Tamba, sports in all disciplines will be active. All the federations should work hand in hand with GNOC to set up their annual programmes, and organize competitions. Government should help by allocating more funds in all disciplines of sports. Schools, nurseries, primaries and high schools should organize sport activities inorder to revitalize many dormant sports. The business sector should support the sporting fraternity so that government can give them concessions in their taxes.

Since Major General Tamba is a longtime sports fan and administrator, he can be successful driving his team with the collaboration of all the federations.

"When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property"

Thomas Jefferson