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Landlord-tenant relations

Jun 6, 2013, 9:55 AM

Regulating the rent system in the country, particularly within the Greater Banjul Area is crucial to improving the living standards of many Gambians and non-Gambians alike.

The Kanifing Municipal Council, KMC rent tribunal’s house-to-house campaign to register compounds and to regulate rent is a welcome development.

Of recent, In The Gambia, especially within the Kanifing Municipality the issue of house rent has become difficult for many, as lots of landlords are in the habit of charging high rentals for their houses, with stringent conditions imposed on tenants.

Conditions for rent, such as asking for prepayment of two to more months or deposits for six months or more are now common among landlords.

Our concern is that people earning less than D2000, for instance, cannot afford to stay in a house that costs between D1000 and D2000 or more.

In fact, some landlords often overcharge or ask for deposits twice more than the income of average Gambian worker, or more month earlier payments.

The standard and quality of the house is very much important and this should be considered in the pricing, as well.

Landlords need to keep their houses in good condition at all times to enable tenants have value for their monies, by maintaining their houses in order to make it fit for living.

On this note, we urge all landlords and their agents to fully cooperate with the KMC rent tribunal to ensure fair play between them and their tenants.

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