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Developing self-confidence

Jun 6, 2013, 9:57 AM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

Many young people in the country are seemingly committed to the cause of succeeding in life through various endeavous.

However, one issue that keeps affecting many is lack of self-confidence, which is no doubt, key to success in any undertaking.

It’s true that obstacles and challenges will certainly come your way quite often but your self-esteem and confidence should serve as a powerful force to overcoming them in most cases.

Self-confidence therefore reminds us all of the need to remain assertive and believe in ourselves that as young people, we can equally make it.

Young people must begin to rely on their own accomplishments and desist from waiting for others to do it for them.

My argument is that young people lacking self-confidence would always find it difficult to take up challenges and would therefore find it difficult to succeed in life.

Even if others don’t have confidence in you; you should have it in yourself.

In fact, in having confidence in oneself, somewhere along the way there is possibility for others to have confidence in you.

Having built self-confidence does not really mean one has to look for cheap popularity and success by any hook or crook.

As young people, we must be humble and regard success as not solely a result of our own endeavour but as a gift from God.

We must continue the struggle to gain success thus trying to gain new experiences and more strength.

While we should not at any point encourage failure but when it happens we should not be discouraged since we could learn from that experience too.

We must also be mindful that low self-esteem can influence one to developing or preparing for failure in life, which shouldn’t be the case for anyone.

At no point should any young person allow him or herself to be perceived as useless or worthless in society.

This means no one should look low upon you or stand in your way to success!

There exist detractors who may not want to see you succeed ahead of them hence you need to remain firm in your cause.

We must take advantage of our strengths and achievements and always think positively about ourselves.

Finally, I must emphasise that as youth we must believe in ourselves, take charge of our responsibilities and be prepared for the future we want for ourselves and our motherland - The Gambia.