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Kombo South Chief Tough on Sky Rocketing Prizes

Sep 26, 2008, 6:24 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

It seems the head chief of Kombo South, Chief Sheriff Ajay Janneh, is very much concerned about the current high price of commodities in his district and has vowed to take action to remedy the situation sooner rather than later.

Just recently Chief Janneh has ordered the arrest of not fewer than nine shopkeepers in the village of Gunjur for selling rice at an exorbitant price of D950 per bag. Addressing shopkeepers and others at his tribunal, the chief said he would not tolerate any sky rocketing prices in his district. "If you want to sell a bag at D950, then pack your shop and move to somewhere else because this district is not the best place for you," he warned shopkeepers.

The district authority head, went further to said that his warning is not only limited to those in Gunjur but to shop keepers in all the villages in Kombo South.

In strong words chief Janneh also didn't spare the butchers and fishermen. He urged them to also consider reducing their prizes. "Why can't we have mercy for each other and live in peace and harmony as the people of the same country?" he asked. We share everything in common with you. He told the shopkeepers, "I took an oath for this and I shall stand by it".