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Kanifing United beat Pencha Bi FC in West knockout competition

Oct 12, 2011, 3:25 PM | Article By: Fatoumatta Jawara & Cherno Omar Bobb

Kanifing United on Monday defeated Pencha Bi FC by a goal to nil in their round sixteen encounter to advance to the quarterfinal of the ongoing Serrekunda West Sports Organisation (SWESO) knockout competition sponsored by Seaview and played at the West Park.

Influential Baba Conteh scored the only goal of the game for Kanifing United in the 53rd minute of the game from a sensible tag with skipper Yankuba Jarju failing to clear in line.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Saidou Sallah, assistant coach of Kanifing United, said they were happy with the win because the fans were eager for it. He added that when the Nawettan started they had some difficulties they are working at overcoming.

“We cannot afford to lose both trophies and we will go all out in the two competitions,” he stated, adding that what they put into the players coming into the game was that they were losing everyday and they had to go all out for a win against Pencha Bi FC.

“There is no hero in the West Nawettan competition because it is 11 players against 11 players on the pitch,” he responded when asked about his impression on their elimination of a big team like Pencha Bi FC.

“You have to show your opponents that they do not need the game more than you do,” he said.

“Anybody who knows Pencha Bi FC knows that their football is in the midfield and that was what we worked on to stop them today. They (Pencha Bi FC) created a lot of chances but it could not work for them.”

He continued: “In every game we look at what our weaknesses and strength are and try to work on them,” he remarked, adding: “We put a prize for the players so that they would be happy during training.

“There is no cheating in football and all that we trained to do is what the boys have shown in today’s game.”

He said both Pencha Bi FC and Kanifing United are big teams. “We congratulate our players and say hard luck to Pencha Bi FC,” he also said, adding that without the fans there is no need for them coming to the field because the fans are the once taking out their monies to spend on the team by coming out to support them.  

“All we urge the fans to do is to continue the support and know that we are still working,” he appealed.

Abdoulie Ann, team trainer and technical adviser for Pencha Bi FC, said he was shocked by the result because it was not what he expected, adding that in knockout competition there is no second chance once beaten.

“Pencha Bi FC having been knocked out of the competition at this stage is not understandable because we are a big team and people expected a lot from us,” he said.

“The cause of our defeat today is because of the tough game we played against Harlem FC in the Nawettan proper in which most of our players sustained injuries,” he remarked. “We did not train since then and just had to manage our players in today’s game.

“We pushed for a goal in the first half of the game but in the second half our players got tired legs, which Kanifing United capitalised on.”