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Our Ambassadors of Peace

Feb 9, 2009, 3:31 AM

We join with the army chief of defence staff General Lang Tombong Tamba who has said, "presence of a solider anywhere should exude confidence in the rest of society". This is of course especially true of peacekeepers. For many years now The Gambia has provided peacekeepers around the world in various conflict areas to ensure the peace and protection of the civilian population. This is truly noble work and all of our brave ambassadors who have engaged in it in the past must be lauded and praised to the highest degree. When they travel they bring with them the flag of The Gambia and fly it with great pride. Unfortunately some countries have not been so lucky and we have heard some terrible stories of human rights violations by soldiers from other countries. This is not true of our brave Gambian soldiers. They have truly served as ambassadors for all of us and engaged in the important work of maintaining peace and stability all over the world. This is in the main down to their excellent good character but we must not ignore the role of the training bestowed upon them by our senior army officials who have instilled in them strong ideals and morals.

The 8th contingent of Gambian peacekeepers recently had their leaving ceremony at the July 22nd Square and we wish them all the best in their important work. We remind them that they carry the flag of The Gambia with them wherever they go and that they must behave accordingly at all times. We pray also that they will return safely to their families and their homeland after completing their tours of duty. They are true ambassadors of peace.

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only beachieved by understanding".

Albert Einstein