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JOLUV ARTS PRESENTS KORITEH SPECIAL -New projects to be unveiled on the night

Jul 25, 2014, 10:36 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Joluv Arts Entertainment, in collaboration with GRTS, is set to stage its long awaited Koriteh Special Show on Koriteh Day at Jama Hall in Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The commercial concert, described as a ‘ndewenal extravaganza’, will witness a showcase of a true dynamic music catalogue of Joluv Arts’ artistes and their record releases in a grand style.

The international music label had disclosed its latest projects on their signed artistes, namely Jali Madi Kanuteh, Manding Morry and Bai Babu.

The founder and CEO of Joluv Arts, Mr Saul Sowe, made these revelations during an exclusive meeting with the Press.

He said the label is tirelessly working on producing new songs and video clips for its artistes and that these packages will most definitely rock the entertainment scene like an ‘erupting volcano’.

Manding Morry

He said exciting times are here for Manding Morry as they have just finished a brand new song for him.

Saul said the song will be released with the video, making it extra special for Joluv Arts to produce and present a new song and a video at the same time.

The song, entitled ‘Jarabally’, Saul believes, will be a great hit as Manding worked so hard on the project.

Saul: “The name of the song is a creation of Manding Morry, for he is very good at creating and makes a lot of happy songs but the beauty of this one is beyond the walls of music.”

He revealed said just after the Koriteh activities, they will be working on preparations for the afro-manding king’s upcoming album entitled‘Dokuwolem’, to be launched 20 December 2014.

Bai Babu

For Bai Babu, commonly called Brain Cracker, Joluv Arts pioneer, said the musician’s project One is also completed and Joluv Arts is excited about him.

Saul said Bai Babu’s new song had reminded them of his raw talent they groomed to a sustained growth of inner vision.

He noted that the singer has demonstrated some fantastic skills and humor in his new song, which is also coming out with a new video clip developed and entitled ‘Chep Bu Seew Mani Meseng’.

“The song is a fantastic story with lots of creative comedy in it. Watch out for it on Koriteh Day,” the renowned music promoter said.

Jali Madi Kanuteh

Mr Sowe also disclosed that Joluv Arts are about to shoot a new video for Jali Madi’s hit song called ‘Latri Mansa’, a song which emerged to be one of the fans’ favorite in his ‘Gambia’ album.

He said it was very difficult for them to choose a track from the album, for all the songs on it are exceptional.

This, Saul added, is geared towards the visual production of the 18th February 2014 released album.

Saul Sowe, known in the UK`s music circuit as Saul Sounds, said working on all these projects was hectic but ‘nice’, for it’s a passion.

“The artists are professionals, very talented and easy to work with,” he added.

In assuring quality music from Joluv Arts, he finally revealed that these new packages will be premiered and released on Koriteh day and that they will be featured live on GRTS.

“All are urged to be a part of it and let it shine through the concert and dance night, live on TV at 9pm,” he calls on all and sundry.