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Join Hands’ mix tape coming soon

Aug 23, 2013, 10:58 AM

Join Hands Together Da Underground Vampires is a hip-hop crew based in Ebotown.

Founded on 7 March 2007, the group comprises three crew, namely Kangfore, Normal and Pa Mamadi.

Speaking in an interview to Point Entertainment and Lifestyle recently, the hip-hop artistes said: “We join hands together to work on the Join Hands mix tape for many years. The name Join Hands Together does not only refer to us as a group but the meaning is wide.

“We the Join Hands Together Da Underground Vampires released a new single called Join. B. produced by Maaw Gee Negrophil records and the second single called Ngoum-ngoum produced by Map Hard Core Records. Both singles are out in the market.”

For promotions for the upcoming mix tape “Santa Ngoum”, a 16-track CD, was boosted by producer Map of Hard Core Records.

The album concept is reminding the people of “Askanbee”; that is to achieve the best in life free from worries, be faithful, respect the green light commandments and work hard towards your destination of settlement.

The “Santa Ngoum” mix tape would have been in the market by now save for financial constraints.

He said: “We the Join Hands Together are also calling on the NCAC and Musigam to put more efforts on and promote the hip-hop whose elements are rap, battle, break-dance, poetry, graffiti, street language, beat box, and B. boy, just to keep these elements live in The Gambia hip-hop.

“We are also advising our fellow artistes to believe and love what they are doing with respect, and to research and educate the people, to love every artiste and avoid hatred and jealousy. We are thanking our fans for the maximum support and the media.