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‘Sa life’, DSC’s latest release

Aug 23, 2013, 10:57 AM

Daraai sarafina clan’’ (DSC), an underground hip-hop movement based in the Kombos, last Sunday released its debuted anticipated new single called ‘Sa life’.

The clan was lately formed on14 April 2013 but has been researching, writing songs and poems for many years.

The DSC is led by two leading choi vocalists, a student at the UTG doing his bachelor in mathematics and Kifa alias Sahaaba a journalist, alongside other clan members, namely FBI, Njogu Milz, Yusuf Taan, TMT, Choi Le Petit, SB, BTM and many more.

The new single dubbed “Sa life” was recorded and produced by Maaw Gee Negrophil records.

“It is now out in the market for promotional support of Kool Gee, a video producer as we are in partnership with africell and other gsm companies,” Kifa told Point Entertainment and Lifestyle in an exclusive interview.

He said the new single is verifying the suicidal behaviour of the future generation.

“Our role as activist artistes is to create awareness within the society,” he said, adding that their aims and objectives in music are to preach, teach and promote culture.

They said the DSC intend to flourish in the musical scene with faith, strength and hard work, adding that they would also urge their fellow artistes to create cultural and moral songs that portray the Gambian way of life and advise the Musigam and the NCAC too to inject more support and protection to the Gambian music.

“We also extend our gratitude to our fans globally,” he said, calling on all and sundry to reach them via their email:  daraaisarafinamusic@yahoo.com or visit their facebook page daraaisarafinamusic.