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Jammeh's Goodwill Gesture Reshaped the U17 Not The MRI

Oct 26, 2009, 4:50 PM | Article By: Kabba Ceesay - FIFA Agent

In my last article entitled "Jammeh emulates Pa Houphouet but" which was published in April 2009, I mentioned the fact that President Jammeh has taken Gambian football to another dimension after dishing out one million Dalasi to each player following the Algeria triumph.

The gesture would definitely open the door for other players to fasten their belts for the Nigeria challenge and this is now the stories surrounding the new look U17 national team. The MRI test has nothing to do with changes.

"Although the management team will do everything possible to accommodate incoming players, there is another side of the coin; the resistance of the incumbent players, (is the new player going to replace me or is he going to replace my friend)?

Generally, the two imperatives tend to balance each other in football. In best practices they are combined. Let it not be viewed as a treat but something that adds competitive advantage to the team. Only the team counts. The situation will need to be managed, not resisted". These were my comments.

From the Algeria contingent only five regular starters survive the resistance namely: striker Ebrima Bojang, defender Lamin Samateh, and midfielders Dawda Ceesay, Pateh Cham and Baboucarr Savage. Although there is another survivor in Kemo Fatty, who played only one game against Algeria during the group stages but the rest are all victims of the resistance.

Route To Algeria
The -17 had a training camp in Egypt and played four matches, won three drew one and lost none. Nine goals were scored representing an average of 2.25 per game, while conceded three goals. The defence was able to keep two clean sheets, while the attacking force never had a barren game.

Route To Nigeria
The team had a training camp in England and played five matches. Won three lost two, scored nine goals in three games an average of 3 goals per game. However, the first two games in a technical point of view might be attributed to transition uncertainties but let?s assumed the team starts the peak from there.  

The successful Egypt camp played a significant role in Algeria, according to records


2 Clean Sheets                                    4 Clean Sheets

3 Victories                                           5 Victories

9 Goals Scored 2.25 per game            12 Goals scored 2.40 per game

3 Goals Conceded                               1 goal Conceded


3 Victories                                                   ?

3 Clean Sheets                                             ?

9 Goals Scored                                            ?

7 Conceded                                                  ?

What should be our strength in Nigeria?

Answer: One for all, all for one mentality

Human nature dictates that if you have a squad of players from different clubs they won?t all like each other. But that doesn?t matter as long as you can rely on each other. The only way you can do that is by having a great team spirit as expressed by the President so that when you go on the pitch you have a bond and unity that holds you together.

All players must seen by members of the team to be putting in a similar amount of efforts and making similar amount of sacrifices. This should be the rule and must be enforced by the technical team. No single player is greater than the team only through the team can players realise their potential.

A team is not simply the addition of one plus one plus one all the way to eleven. It?s a multiplication T= (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11) to the power n. N is the influence of the Manager who gives directives.

All Gambians should now bury the MRI controversy and follow the statistics of the Nigeria performance. I have already laid down a comparison formula for a clear picture of managements approach with the two imperatives.