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Jammeh to implement more projects in West Coast Region

Nov 23, 2016, 10:28 AM

Speaking at a mass rally in Kalagi to thousands of cheering supporters welcoming him, and assuring him of their unwavering support, President Jammeh used the occasion to condemn tribalism and stressed the need for a violence-free election.

Jammeh also renewed his call for Gambians to be God-fearing worshippers.

President Jammeh wasted no time to disclose plans to turn the country into what he called a city-state that will attract economic migrants from the world over.

He further said there will be free university education by 2018, access to which will be based on merit and qualification.

Bala Garba Jahumpa, Minister of Works and APRC campaign manager, disclosed plans to provide pipe-borne water and electricity supply in many parts of the region.

Jahumpa also challenged Gambians to maintain President Jammeh in office to continue his unprecedented development crusade.

In Kiang West, President Jammeh used the meeting to disclose several development plans, including the completion of Sankandi-Karantaba Road project, and the provision of water and electricity and a long list of priorities.

Source: GRTS