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Jammeh pardons retired Colonel Samsideen Sarr

Oct 1, 2014, 11:23 AM

According to state TV GRTS, President Yahya Jammeh has pardoned retired colonel Samsideen Sarr.

The noble and divine act took place when the President was in the US last week to attend the 69th UN General Assembly session in New York.

President Jammeh received retired colonel Sarr, who is 63 years old now, in his hotel where they had a lengthy discussion and trashed out their differences.

After the meeting, retired colonel Sarr told GRTS in an interview that he was apparently pardoned by the President of The Gambia.

He also told the state TV that it was almost 15 years since he left The Gambia, and settled in the U.S. “We know all what happened and there was reconciliation.”  

“I have spoken to him and asked for forgiveness, and he gave it to me the way I expected,” added Sarr, who served as Trade Minister for one day in Jammeh’s government.

According to retired colonel Sarr, “Gambia from my own perspective is bigger than every one of us.”

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