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Jammeh explains why Gambian players cannot secure big contracts overseas

Dec 10, 2009, 2:22 PM | Article By: Lamin Drammeh

The Secretary-General of the Gambia Football Association (GFA), Jammeh E.K Bojang, is of the belief that the lack of managers and agents is the main reason behind Gambian overseas players' failure to secure contracts with top clubs in the world

The country's football has witnessed tremendous achievements in terms of producing many professional footballers now than ever before, but they still struggled to break their ways into the biggest leagues.

Jammeh Bojang, who works with the country's biggest footballing body, GFA, has an answer to our players' failure to secure contracts with top leagues in the world.

When this reporter asked him what is still keeping Gambian overseas players from signing big contracts, the GFA Secretary-General responded by telling Pointsport that it's all about the way they engage managers and agents.

"Players around the world are not better than our players but the main problem affecting them is that they want to do everything on their own which is very difficult or in some occasions, they will go to people who are not even agents which is too risky," the Secretary-General of the GFA lamented.

Jammeh who was speaking to our reporter in this interview in his office at the GFA secretariat yesterday cited Chelsea and Ivorian Superstar Didier Drogba, who is arguably the best striker in the world at the moment as a typical example to the fact that there is the need to have an agent and a manager to be responsible of the business.

Jammeh went further to emphasise the need for Gambian players to look for agents to add value to their profession for their own good.

"The lack of football agents or managers make things very difficult for the players at the helm of affairs because there are Gambian players who don't even known the rules and regulations regarding the signing of contracts," he stated.

According to Jammeh Bojang, there is a Gambian player who is undeniably one of the best players in the country, whom he said, had signed a professional contract in a language he doesn't even understand, and as a result he ended up loosing it.

Despite all the challenges facing Gambian foreign-based players pertaining to the signing of contracts with top clubs in the world, among other things, Jammeh is however confident that the country's professional footballers will soon be able to secure lucrative deals with the biggest clubs around the world.