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Jammeh Emulates Pa Houphouet, But!

Apr 21, 2009, 7:24 AM | Article By: KABBA CEESAY, FIFA AGENT

Praises reinforce other aspects of behavior that link to high level of motivation and outstanding performance. Building a feeling of self-worth and sense of progress are especially important in stimulating optimum performance.

The most effective way of motivation is to change one's life by enriching his or her financial status to breathe the future of hope.

The late Felix Houphouet Boigny of the Cote d Voire applied this system approach to get his country at the top of World football.

Our visionary and exemplary leader did acknowledge this fact and apply the same system approach but however decided to add the most powerful motivating factor i.e. "THE DESIRE TO PROVE OTHERS WRONG"

From day one of the revolution, President Jammeh is proving himself beyond all reasonable doubt that man must recognize the importance of self-worth in order to progress in life.

However many great philosophers pointed out that life is a dream. But the fact that life is a dream does not mean we should imitate all those people who spend their time day-dreaming. You can live in such dreams but not in the disjointed, aimless dreams inspired by sensuality, wanton desires or sloth.

As with President Jammeh, he validates conscious dreams inspired by ambition and self-worth.

This recent gesture by the President will enhance the productive youth system which is the basic to achieve the promise made to take Gambian football at the top.


A productive youth system is a key to the development of a formidable national (A) team. The better the youth system, the better the talents and the more likely they are to be introduced, en-masse, into the national (A) team.

There is no substitute for talent but on the field, talent without unity of purpose is a hopelessly devalued currency. The Gambia Football Association President did emphasize the need to champion the full course of the logical context developmental system which is driving Gambian football at a faster pace than ever.

However in football the difference between winning and losing is heavily dependent on the talent available to be deployed, but to be successful at highest level, you need both the talent and the system.

Development adds values and the best development includes the elements described in the Mckinsey report.

What should developmental strategies for talented players seek to achieve?

1.         Players must be stretched. Higher work rate and match fitness is essential. Adequate preparation always helps.

2.         Talent must be surrounded by talent. Such an environment increases the stretch but also increases the role models from whom to learn

3.         The value of learning must be championed. Learning is not a particularly valued trait in the "Lad dish" culture of football but it must become so. This however was included in our commission of enquiry on the performance of Peru 2005 report page 47.

4.         Teams must seek learning thirsty talent.

Jammeh has taken Gambian football to another dimension and this would certainly open the doors for other players to fasten their belts for the Nigeria 2009 challenge. Although the management team will do everything possible to accommodate incoming players, there is another side of the coin - the resistance of incumbent players, (is the new player going to replace me or is he going to replace my friend)?

Generally the two imperatives tend to balance each other in football. In best practice they combine. Let it not be viewed as a threat but something that adds competitive advantage to the team. Only the team counts. The situation will need to be managed, not resisted.