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Apr 21, 2009, 7:16 AM

There are people suffering from general weakness, fatigue and stress. These symptoms in a long run can manifest as Depression, hypertension and other dis-eased condition.

There are many approaches to maintain good state of health like practicing jogging, swimming, aerobics, practicing Meditation, karate, yoga, Tai Chi, etc. There are specific breathing patterns used during these practices.

Deep and slow breathing is recommended, it is commonly noticed that when people are taking a deep breath his chest area expands and abdominal portion moves inside. This kind of breathing is unnatural way of breathing, which provides lesser air to lungs.

In a Natural way of breathing, the abdominal portion moves forward and backward. This way of breathing allows the air to reach to all portions of lungs; the diaphragm will consequently moves down and forces the abdominal region to protrude out side. This way of breathing is called as the abdominal breathing.

Practising slow breathing helps us to take more amount of air, more Oxygen into our system. After complete inhalation, if we can pause breathe for a count, this allows the body to better absorb oxygen. After complete exhalation, hold the breath for one count. This can help our energy body to expand and to absorb more Pranic energy from surrounding. The changes in energy body or Aura of a person can be measured with the aid of modern equipments.

Master Choa, Founder of Pranic Healing has suggested few breathing techniques which can strengthen energy body and allow the practitioner to feel energetic through out the day. These techniques are helpful for people suffering from depression. One of the Pranic Breathing procedure are give below this can be practiced by people of all ages. This can be practiced by students; it helps them to better concentrate.

To practice the Pranic Breathing exercise, sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Connect your tongue to your upper palate. Relax and be aware of your entire body. Breathe in for 6 seconds, allowing your belly to expand out. Hold your breath for 3 seconds. Now exhale for 6 seconds allowing your belly to contract. Hold for 3 seconds. This is one cycle of Pranic breathing. Breathe in and out through the nose. Practice Pranic breathing for 5 to 7 cycles, this can calm down and regulate the emotion.

Pranic Healing Techniques like Pranic Breathing exercise are effective, do not practice this breathing technique more than twice a day.