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Jalikebba Suso needs support to release album

Sep 17, 2010, 1:24 PM

The Gambia’s much talked about Afro-Manding artist, Jalikebba Suso, fondly called Young Jaliba, has called for more support to release another album. The album which contains eight tracks is entitled 'Duniya Nafulo'.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment on Wednesday at The Point newsroom, he said the new album is all about education, as well as 'Duniya Nafulo'. He added that the album is both in audio and CD format.

Jalikebba went on to inform Entertainment that it took him almost seven months to finish working on the album, adding that the album will be out soon.

Talking of his recent tour of Europe, the Young Jaliba described his trip as a resounding success, adding that his visit was to represent The Gambia internationally in terms of music.

My main purpose of travelling to Europe was to promote my album. I have my own band in Holland. Jalikebba explained that his visit to European countries gave him the opportunity to meet, and mingle with the movers and shakers of the European music industry.

The Gambian Afro-Manding artist informs all traditional music lovers that soon as the album is released, it would be available on sale in the market. Meanwhile, the album is the subject of conversation on account of its melodious tunes.

The kora maestro with his fusion of traditional and modern African music brings together a mixture of styles where the culmination is an exciting, vibrant and soulful genre of modern African music.

Jalikebba and his band have performed at art festivals, cultural events as well as tourism venues in the world. Jalikebba in the interview took the opportunity to thank President Jammeh and the KMC Chairman Mayor Yankuba Colley for their support. He also thanked his fans both in The Gambia and abroad for always supporting his music. He therefore called on the Gambian leader, companies and organizations to come to his aid in order to release his album. For information one can contact Jali on 6330604 or 7711201 or email jalev2006@hotmail.com