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Internet scams

Mar 20, 2013, 11:10 AM

During the past weeks, we received complaints through telephone calls and via emails of alleged internet scams in the country.

The complaints came from the US and UK citizens, who reported that they have all experienced internet frauds from the country.

Our findings revealed that some of these internet scams are not done by Gambians, but non-Gambians, claiming to be Gambians.

While one of the letters we received last week from the UK via post complained about alleged robbery in the country the latest mail from the US has to do with internet scam.

Even though we cannot make any conclusion to say that these allegations are true, we urge all patriotic Gambians and non-Gambians living in the Smiling Coast to desist from such bad practices.

As a favorite tourist destination, we must not allow bad elements to discourage our tourists from visiting the Smiling Coast.

We urge all victims of crimes, such as internet scam or robbery to report such cases to the Office of the Inspector General of Police for appropriate actions to be taken against the culprits. And in the event they are not satisfied with the way and matter in which such issues are being handled by the police, they can expose it otherwise.

The Gambia was not known for this kind of crimes and we should not allow any one to use our country for their selfish interests.

We are calling on the public, including the victims and eye-witnesses to report such crimes to the police.