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Increment of transport fares

Apr 4, 2011, 2:19 PM

The news of the recent increase of taxi fares by the Gambia National Transport Control Association will, no doubt, be received with mix feelings by commuters.

While we understand the circumstances leading to the increment, including the current high oil prices, mainly as a result of the uprising in the Middle East, the matter needs further consultation in order to address the overall situation.

The consultation that we are talking about is that, while we have realized that in The Gambia it has now become a norm that when prices are increased, as a result of the market forces, after the situation gets stable, prices are hardly reduced.

To us, this is unfair, and the government must put in place  all necessary  measures to ensure that any time the fuel price goes down they  also  make sure  that the GNTCA reduces fares to the previous rates.

As at now, the only advice we have for the commuters is to cooperate with drivers.

Another issue of concern is about coins change that drivers and apprentices will be giving to passengers. We urge the apprentices to always carry with them enough coins, to avoid unnecessary delays or confrontation with their passengers.

We also subscribe to the call by members of the public who are calling for salaries or transport allowances to be increased commensurate with current inflation, and the transport fares increment.

We strongly believe that such measures will create a balanced situation for all concerned.