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Sheikh Omar Foutiyou Taal Ziyara slated for 8 May

Apr 4, 2011, 2:33 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

The annual Sheikh Omar Foutiyou Taal Foundation Ziyara, which is taking place in Gunjur, has been slated for 8 May 2011.

Imam Baba Mokhtarr Leigh, Khalif Sheikh Omar Foutiyou and President of Sheikh Omar Foutiyou Taal Foundation of The Gambia revealed this to journalists last week Thursday at his Kanifing resident during a press briefing

"This year's Ziyara we really expect it to be successful because we all know the significance of prayers particularly praying for peace, harmony and progress and this is the main purpose of this Ziyareh," he said.

"We do believe that, that place in Gunjur is a sacred place, is a place where prayers are answered, we have tested it, we have enough evidence for it," said Imam Leigh.

"He urged Muslims both in the Gambia and outside  to join hands together to know that this Ziyara is, not only for the foundation or Sheikh Omar Foutiyou but also for the whole world particularly The Gambia and most particularly the Gunjurians and we believe that the prayers at the site will be accepted by the Almighty Allah," he said.

Imam Leigh advised all those worshipers who go to the site for swimming or taking bath in the sea to desist from such a practice, saying "it is unIslamic".

He said that the Ziyara basically is for prayers and meeting good people who if they call Allah, God will respond to their calls.

During the Ziyara, he explains further, they do recite Quran and memorise the names of the Almighty Allah asserting that this Ziyara has been going on for a long time now.

He said that it is just from 2007 to date it has been organised successfully. Imam Leigh said their main objectives are not only to worship the Almighty Allah but it also has economic benefit for the people of Gunjur and the Gambia in general and he enjoins all Gambians to see the Ziyara in that line. Imam Leigh single-out the names of countries like Nigeria, Cape Verde, Senegal and Niger, where worshippers came to seek for blessing at the site, and said what is in Gunjur those who know, they know and those who don't know may Almighty Allah give them the know-how to know what is in Gunjur.

He described Gunjur as a religious centre and also advised the worshipers to behave well. "Be Allah fearing and perform well when you go to the site so that you can get what you need at the site in order for you to achieve objectives," he said.

"Let us go to the site as Muslims, pray as Muslims, behave as Muslims and perform as Muslims because you cannot emphasis how important that site is, particularly nowadays when the whole world is set on fire and the only things that can get us out of that situation is prayers and we have a blessed place like Gunjur. Allah is everywhere but is closer to certain places and Gunjur is one of those places," Imam Leigh emphasized.

He finally registered his gratitude to President Jammeh, the Government of The Gambia and all the area councils in the country, namely KM, BCC, and Brikama Area Council in particular and in the indigenous people of Gunjur, for allowing them to achieve their objectives.  

Majanko Samusa, a member of the Foundation, said since the start of the Ziyara in 2007 he has never seen such a gathering in The Gambia, urging the people of Gunjur not to play with the site.