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Inaugural Sensei Kabba Karate Championship Held

Feb 3, 2009, 5:30 AM | Article By: Fatoumatta Mboge

The Karate championship named after the founding father ofGambian Karate, Sensei Muhammed Kabba, was held over the weekend at WellingaraCinema.

Speaking in an inclusive interview with Pointsports, the founding father of Karate in The Gambia, Sensei Muhammed, said that when he finished his schooling he traveled to Egypt where he learned Karate.

He stated that in 1985 he represented The Gambia in Tunisia where he received his second black belt and when returned from Egypt he trained young kids in Karate. He also established Karate Club and also represented The Gambia in the World Karate Federation in Japan.

He further stated that in 1970 he represented The Gambia in the African Karate Championship and he also won black belt.

For hispart, the executive secretary National Sports Council, Mr.  Alieu Cham, hailed Sensei Muhammed Kabba for his valuable contribution to the development of Karate in The Gambia and he urged them to keep up the challenge.

He revealed that Karate was a populargame in Africa and Sensei Muhammed Karate had achieved a lot in Karate and he had promoted Karate in the country.

A box full of Karate materials was presented to the President of the Gambia Shotokan Karate-Do International Association (Master Muhammed Kaba Musa) by the executive secretary Mr. Alieu Cham.
This gift was donated by the Sports Masters Athletics International in Australia (SMAI), through their sole agent in The Gambia Yorro Njie of Ezy-E Sports International.
Yorro promised that this is just a tip of the iceberg and his partners will not only stand to help Karate, but other martial arts disciplines in The Gambia. The gift came at a right time and the Materials will be put to good used.
The championship ended in a joyous mood and Pateh Jobe the national champion retained his title by winning both the + 60 Kumite and the open Kumite categories. He came third in the Kata.
Ndela Manjang, the daughter of the vice-president of The Gambia SKI Association, won the female Kata and Ablie Secka won the Kids Kata.