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In Alleged Firearms Case, Accused Opens Defence

May 14, 2009, 5:35 AM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

The criminal trial involving one Edward Babucarr Okoro alleged to have in his possession firearms without valid License yesterday opened his defence before His Worship Abdoulie Mbake at Kanifing Magistrates' Court.

In his defence Edward Babucarr Okoro told the court that he lived at Latrikunda German and he is a building engineer. He added that it happened on Wednesday 7th January 2009 around while coming from his workplace.

Mr. Okoro adduced that he came up his compound fence where he found one boy selling cannabis and he told the boy that he should desist from such practices, noting that the boy did not listen to his advice and he decided to report the matter to Serrekunda Police drug squad personnel. He said he seized four bundles of cannabis from the boy.

"Later on his brother, a military officer, told me to release him and I replied that I will not release him, because I already called drug squad to come over at Serrekunda police. Then the boy's brother telephoned one of his friends whom he said is a drug squad officer who later appeared at the scene and I asked his friend to identify himself with his card," Mr. Edward Babucarr Okoro started.

Further in his defence, he informed the court when they saw a pick-up vehicle coming with some drug squad personnel the man started to run away, and I handed over the boy with four bundles of cannabis to the Drug squad personnel.

Mr. Okoro adduced that he went with them to Serrekunda Police and later started to return home. He narrated further, "While coming close to Africell headquarters Lt. Manneh, Military Police (MP) called me on my phone that he wanted to see me."

He revealed to the court that eight soldiers from Yundum Barracks appeared and arrested him around Africell where they conducted a search on him and nothing was found on him, and that they proceeded to our compound where some of the officers entered his house while he was inside one of their vehicles with some men, and was later whisked away to Yundum Barracks.

He added, at Yundum Barracks he was forced into the cell up to around He explained, "When Lt. Manneh called me and said they have confiscated a pistol in my house, I replied that the said pistol was not in my possession because they conducted a search in my absence."

He said they instructed him to record a statement which he declined to record adding that he was detained for one week and later taken to Brikama Magistrates' court.