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Importance of Tourism

Sep 27, 2010, 1:22 PM

The tourism industry is of sufficient economic importance and its impact upon economies, environments and societies is of significance for the development of any nation. 

There is no doubt in our minds that tourism is a subject area or domain of study.Tourism as a subject is showing signs of maturity with a growing academic community, increasing numbers of both journals and text books which are becoming specialized.

The presence of tourists brings with it environmental and socio-cultural impacts, as well as the economic impacts.

Therefore, the choice to pursue tourism as a development option needs to be made after considering all of the factors relating to its impact, and the resources upon which tourism will draw.

The main driving force that explains the growth of tourism industry over the past century is the economic benefits associated with it.

Recently, African leaders were gathered in New York to speak about how Travel and Tourism contributes to a country's economy and development, and to also highlight the current challenges and future prospects each country faces in the promotion of the sector. This was a worthwhile gathering considering the fact that the world is facing a serious financial downturn.