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Illegal migration is not a solution

Aug 22, 2011, 12:45 PM

Illegal migration is really becoming a problem for African governments, with most of the youths preferring to leave their countries through illegal travels to Europe in search of greener pastures. Some even do not mind to risk their lives in the sea to fulfill their mission.

To our surprise, most of the people involved in this trade are the youth, who our governments rely on for  national development, because they  are central in the development of any nation.

It is time for our governments to critically study the issue of illegal migration, and try to come up with possible solutions that would remedy the situation.

We cannot continue seeing our youths risking their lives in the sea on a daily basis.

This cannot continue forever, as it is also time for Western countries,  especially the ones in which African  youths are engage in travelling to, to assist governments with projects that would be beneficial to youths.

This is the only way we can reduce illegal migration.

The youths who are victims of illegal migration should be supported with projects such as micro-finance and agricultural projects, since such initiatives will greatly help them.

In The Gambia, the government is doing everything possible to stop this practice, but still some of the youth are engaged in such illegal activities.

Some of the parents who are encouraging their youths to travel through illegal means should be blamed, for some of the deaths that are happening to our young people.

For how long will we allow our youths to perish in the sea for no just cause.

The youth should engage themselves in skills that would bring income for them, and can make them to contribute meaningfully towards the socio-economic development of their country.

Lets us work together to help the African youth to develop.