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Gambia, Cameroon coaches upbeat for the next game

Apr 20, 2011, 6:26 PM | Article By: Picture: Coach Lamin Sarr

Cameroon kick starts its 2011 CAF Orange African Championship campaign with a 1-0 win against the young Scorpions of Gambia in a match played Monday 18 at the Dobsonville Stadium in Johannesburg South Africa.

Cafonline had a brief chat with Gambia’s coach, Lamin Sarr

Lamin Sarr:First of all Congratulation to Cameroon for the victory. We were unfortunate to have lost today.

Cafonline: How did you find your opponent, tough?

Lamin Sarr:No no no... we were a better side though we lost. My team played well and if you see the statistics you will realise that we played better than Cameroon, had more ball possession. Cameroun barely had a clear shot at our goal and if you see the goal, it is an own goal due to a defensive error.

I know the quality of players I have and we are not afraid of any team, we are stronger than them and all being equal we will win our two last matches and qualify for the semi finals.

Turning to Cameroon’s coach, Martin Ndtoungou Mpile,

Cafonline: Congratulation coach for this Victory. What does this mean to you?

Martin Ndtoungou Mpile: I am very happy to have won my first game of the tournament. To us, it was very important. My boys fought very hard before a very tough Gambian team, they gave their all and the result today is very comforting. We can now concentrate to win our next game.

Cafonline: What are your goals coming into this tournament?

Martin Ndtoungou Mpile: To seek for a qualification for the World Cup (in Columbia). First we have to qualify for the semi finals and it is important that we win our coming games to secure a place.

Cafonline: Your next game is against Nigeria who just beat the defending champions Ghana, are you afraid of Nigeria?

Martin Ndtoungou Mpile: This is a competition, why qualify if you are afraid of playing a certain team. We are not afraid of Nigeria; rather, they should fear us.  We are to play and win and Nigeria should not be of any concern to us.



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