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ICC/ACA Sponsored Introductory Umpiring Course for Brikama

Dec 14, 2012, 9:01 AM | Article By: Wilfred R. Riley Administrative Secretary

In a bid to increase on the umpiring base in the country, the Gambia Cricket Association successfully held a three-day Introductory Umpiring Course in Brikama, West Coast Region, from 30 November to 2 December 2012.

Twenty-two candidates attended the course, which targeted school teachers and students from schools.

Participants were taken through the basics of umpiring and the laws of the game; some of the following were also introduced to them, Umpire’s Signals of the game, Ways of Dismissals in Cricket, Judgment of Wides and No Balls, LBW Judgments, Cricket Terminology and  Pitch Measurements/Dimensions.

In day two a session was conducted on the cricket field where participants were taught to position themselves while umpiring. Members were also taught the markings on the field and the measurements.

Day Three was for the umpires to stand behind the stumps to officiate and each umpire was given to cover 4 overs each. It was quite interesting that the participants managed to grab it very fast.

The Gambia Cricket Association thanked Africa Cricket Association and the ICC Development Programme for making the course possible for Gambia Cricket. The course facilitator was Mr Johnny Gomez