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Mar 10, 2017, 11:11 AM


Brother/Madam Chair

Brother Settar Aslan, GENERAL coordinator and Leader of Ozman is Trade Union

Members of the oz orman is sendikasi Union of the Republic of Turkey Distinguished Guests

Brothers, Sisters and dear delegates

First of  all  I bring greetings to the people of Turkey and to President Tayip Erdogan  from the H E President Adama Barrow, President of the Third Republic of The Gambia and the entire working class movements of the Gambia which has just  celebrated  the inauguration of a  new Government of the Third Republic of The Gambia. I thank the organizers for inviting our organization to this important event. Gambia and Turkey have had long standing relationship and our two Governments had several cooperation I various fields especially IN MILITARY AREA. As I speak to you 7 Gambia Military personnel are undergoing military training at the Turkish military Academy.

As we discuss amongst others the event of 15th July attempted Coup in Turkey, I want to say that from the Gambia experience Coup d  Etate is the most abhorrent seizure of people’s rights and freedom. Hence we condemn it in its entirety. We have had bitter experience from the Ex Gambian Leader who came in to the reins of power through a Military Coup 22 years ago. We suffered under all forms of repression and intimidation under this regime with no social justice for the working class and their families.

Distinguished Brothers and Sisters, on the 15th July 2016 the people of the Republic of Turkey were confronted by an attempt to over throw by force the democratically elected Government through military means perpetuated by FETO and aided by imperialists agents. This attempted coup brought about destruction and loss of lives. Moreover it brought about social unrest, in security and political menace inherent to failed coups.

Let me take this opportunity to pay homage to the people who gave up their lives for the purpose of democracy and freedom.

It is the irreparable consequences of military take over that galvanized the resolved of the people and progressive forces under the dynamic leadership of President Tayip Erdogan stood up to repel the attempted coup. Such dynamism is reminiscence of the heroism known of the great leaders of Turkey in the past centuries. We call on all and sundry to rise against all sponsored organizations that create structures in disguise to destabilized countries and to promote terror the world over.

Let us all encourage all  progressive forces   not only to fight against and denounce all military coups but that  the perpetrators should face severe consequences for their actions. Coups have had negative effect politically, socially and end up corrupting as well as creating economic mess for the working class families. We in the civil societies abhor the interference of external forces in the internal affairs of our countries and vehemently condemn all forms incitation that will lead to the disability of our countries.

We in the Gambia and from me personally, congratulate President Tayip Erdogan and the heroic courage of the people’s Republic of Turkey for standing and scarifying their lives against the agents of colonialism and imperialism and they can count on our continuous support.

Before closing let me also specially congratulate the working class movements of Turkey in particular for their nationalist and dynamic efforts in sensitizing and orientating the International through International Symposia about the failed Coup and the ill motive of it perpetrators   and sponsors ,against the People’s Republic of Turkey. I was in Istanbul under the invitation of Mermu Sen in October 2016 during which we discussed amongst others this very important issue. Here I have the pleasure again under the invitation of the Oz Ozman Trade Union of Turkey to discuss the same issue.

We are proud to be associated with this programme and  my Organization has a lot in common with the Agriculture and Foresters Trade Union, because the majority of our affiliates are in the Agricultural Sector. It is no secret that agricultural development and food security has been a concern to many Countries and Gambia is no exception. You might be interest to know that The Gambia has an  Agricultural based economic with over 60% of its  population are peasant farmers  and  a large number of Women are engaged in Horticulture.

Friends, Brothers and Sisters I take t this opportunity to appeal to our Turkish Brothers and Sisters as well as those organization present here for any Technical and Material assistance focusing on enhancing the capabilities in efficient techniques in Horticulture, livestock, farm management as well as fisheries and  mechanization of our Agricultural activities thus ameliorating  our national economy as well better the living standards of the working families engaged in Agriculture.

Finally we reiterate our confidence in the Leadership of President Tayip Erdogan we admire his determination to protect the People of the Republic of Turkey from all forms of suppression and external interference from external forces and their proxy and hope that Turkey will build better and stronger ties with our new Government led by HE Adama Barrow, President of the Republic of the Gambia.

Long Live Working Class Solidarity

Long live Turkey-Gambia Friendship

God Bless Turkey and the Republic of The Gambia

Thank you