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Hurrah! Hurrah! First black President of the U.S.A.

Nov 11, 2008, 5:21 AM | Article By: Bijou Peters

First black president of the United States of America today November 5th. His name, Obama, Obama has appeared in the world media for many months since he submitted his name as a candidate for the American presidency and his name has almost become a household name in many parts of the world particularly in Kenya where his father was born.

It was reported that the American system of voting had been changed to a new system of voting and there were fears that this change would create problems during the voting period. Fortunately everything went on well and smoothly. Mr. Carayol President of the Gambia Independent Electoral Commission (I.E.C.) traveled to the states specifically to view and experience this historic polls in America, composed of 52 states, hence the name United States of America given to the Country. She is also recognised as a major power of the world, and a cosmopolitan country due to the number of immigrants from different parts of the world who have settled down in the States and made America their home. The first settlers, who set sail to the U.S.A. on board a ship known as the Mayflower from Plymouth in DevonEngland in the year 1626, were the first to establish English colony there. The story of this batch of settlers known as the Pilgrim Fathers is a significant historical data of that country.

These people left Plymouth for the U.S.A. in search of greener pastures.

America played a fundamental role in the slave trade, which lasted400 years. It was a diabolical trade when Africans were captured from the coastal towns of West Africa and transported in very in human conditions to the U.S. where they were sold as slaves to white slave masters who in turn kept these male and female slaves to work in the sugar cane plantations of what was known as the Deep South of the U.S.A. Most of these unfortunate men and women died en route to their various destinations in America and only the strong and fittest could cope and survived the harsh conditions of The journeywhich was traumatic and gruesome. Men and women were chained by their hands and feet and they were hardly able to move. As to the sanitary conditions, these were non-existent and many succumbed to serious infections of favor types. Those who survived the journey were then sold and bought like mere clothes. The female slaves who were bought were abused by their own masters and used as mistresses. In no time these women became pregnant, an inevitable result of these abuses and they produced coloured babies who were brought up in the family in development of and introduction of the coloured population in the Americas who were recognised as second-class citizens from birth due to the notorious abuses by their own masters- a most distasteful and unsavoury practice. This deplorable trade persisted for 400 years. It was towards the end of 400 long years that Christians in the community began to recognise the abomination of such a trade and began to protest against it and fight towards the abolition of such evil crimes against humanity. Two important names are featured in the struggle for the abolition of the slave trade and they were notably Abraham Lincoln who was later murdered and William Wilberforce. After many years of this struggle for the abolition of slavery they succeeded in their strife and slavery was abolished officially in 1834 although the practice continued in some areas/or some time. Those were the dark and dismal periods in American history when crimes against humanity were committed with impunity and the blacks suffered degradation and demeaning attitudes from the white members of the society during 400 years of the slave trade. We have come a long, long, way from those depressing years of slavery.

This is the more reason why the world has been very interested and overwhelmed by these recent polls for the American Presidency the 43rdin American history and the fact that a black man was one of the contenders. Bravo and well done Barack Obama! You have created history and become the Moses of the 21stcentury so it appears. God sent Moses to his people. The Israelites to deliver them from the slavery they endured in those days. May God fortify you and give you wisdom and energy to cope with the problems by today's world.