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Teaching: A Noble Profession But.

Nov 11, 2008, 5:24 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Old and young teachers would agree that their profession is a noble one but it entails a lot of sacrifice that the teacher endures. The good aspect of teachers is felt all over the world in anything around or within man. Teachers give a great deal of time to those they educate and often leaving themselves behind. Government and society praise teachers and they still go through the rough way to make ends meet. Society and Development's anchorman delved into the causes of teachers being noble but find life difficult as those they teach turn out to be their pay masters or decision makers leaving them behind. If you were taught by a teacher please read on.

Ask any body near by, they must tell you someone taught them something. Teaching started a long time ago as many of the prophets were teachers including Jesus who was a fantastic teacher and showed the way as He answered all questions and taught with authority. From this point, teachers as seen as people with authority that impact knowledge. An old teacher once said, "No one can pay a teacher" after looking at his products.

Teachers impact either positively or negatively, which is derived from what the learner sees. Teachers therefore are capable of seeing the right for the child to make the child better or worst. They are trained to impact positively thus the need for them to study psychology. Children and those who have passed in teachers' hands would tell you how professional teachers can be. The teaching profession cannot be compared to any profession as it has a virtual sacrificial aspect that has driven them to remain poor and unsatisfied even when they are given more bonus or pay rise. They become like children when teaching them and the children they teach are always eating and the teachers themselves go on empty stomach when the are at the peak of their job. This reduces the quality of some teachers as they and their kids buy the same piece of bread if not smaller to keep their body to their souls. Some teachers are well to do but not from their salary, may be from the extra areas they find money at home, which most teachers cannot do as they leave work too late and tired and worn out after a day of chalking and talking.

What keeps baffling by standers is that teachers enlighten the world, they create employment, make policemen and women, doctors, scientists, pilots, engineers, presidents, government officials, teachers, lecturers, the list goes on and on. This makes them even nobler and yet the most troubled by poverty. Teachers have big dreams but they end as dreams longing yet for more dreams. Teachers feel proud when their ex-pupils become outstanding members of the society, only to point at them, "This is my past pupil!" Their well to do ex-pupils is never in position to help those teachers out, they yet say, "He is my ex-teacher." This makes it heavy for the teachers.

Teachers look for a way out but their sympathy makes them get stock and remain there till they retire on a meager salary. Their pensions are questionable and no one would love to retire on very small amount of money with no house of your own and the prices of goods are going sky high on a daily basis. People may argue that teachers are well off than some other workers but thinking of a teacher's struggle to get their certificate and or degree, it is wise then to thin positively of teachers. Education is quite expensive that makes one a child, teachers therefore needs a plus or pat on their backs and money in their pockets.

Teachers get pressure at work, from parents and from the students or children they teach. Those incharge are often on the throats of their teachers so that they teach well by providing their notes of lesson. In Catholic schools for example, some heads make sure you don't skip a day with the notes. Some go round to check stealthily to ascertain that the teacher is in class and busy teaching whether tired, hungry or empty. Many of the youth coming from college often get the pressure form their heads as they are not ready to suffer considering their suffering at college or university. Many Catholic schools have what they call 'Time Book' that is strictly watched by their deputy headmasters or senior teachers and the report is returned to the Catholic Education secretariat for subsequent deduction of salary at the end of the month. This is seen by many as suppression and is against it. Many ask within themselves, why should such happen? But would face transfer if they say it loud or face the sack if unqualified. Students or pupils are another source of discouragement for their teachers. These see their teachers as bad when the truth is inculcated in them. Some come in late, some are not attentive with their own many problems from either home or the street or even the school. Some children transfer their family or home problem to their teachers and sometimes insult teachers to show how they are troubled for one to thing or the other.

The suppression of corporal punishment in schools many say has brought children's discipline down. This has created dignity for kids but the kids too go to extreme because they are not canned. It was helping teachers in those days but not now.


Government's boasting for Vision 2020's accomplishment cannot be achieved without the teaching force. Teachers would have to enlighten the youth, educate them to the climax to be able to handle their positions as leaders when the time comes. People expect the government to help teachers and raise their standards as they have raised the standard of school buildings. Teachers are willing servants and their work cannot be over emphasized. Teachers live in very far villages without complaining because they love the children and their country. Here are a few questions to help out; does anyone know that some teachers are terminated in August because they are foreigners or unqualified? Do you know that some university lecturers who are well read, to PHd are paid less than 15, 000 Dalasis with ages of teaching experience? Government should have to give more time and pour more money on teachers so as to sustain them in schools and get a proper education in progress for the vision ahead.

Stagnated teachers

Teachers blame themselves for stagnation in their job. It is only pertinent that teachers keep up grading themselves. Many are satisfied with their certificates they got twenty years or more ago. Life needs innovation and advancement. Many a big man in this country had served at one stage or the other as teachers but had since advanced. Teachers should know that learning is better than silver than gold not teaching is better than silver than gold. Their service to nation building is quite recognized but they should not see their positions as the end all and be all or else their economic status would not be looked into by government or any one.

True baboon story

There was a baboon contest. The owner of the baboon said his baboon was not emotional and nothing could make it laugh or cry and he wanted someone to it move emotionally. He called people at the Independent Stadium who wrote their names to amuse the baboon. No body made it move then. An old teacher who was just from Fajara on his private classes passed close by the stadium on his way to Tabokoto on foot. His friend saw him and called on him, Mr. Samateh! Mr. Samateh! Eh Sunkaro Samateh! He turned and saw his friend who asked him to be a part of the contest.

He entered his name and was called. On his arrival, he stood and looked keenly at the baboon and pushed close to it and told the baboon in his ears, "I am a teacher," the baboon looked with wonder and smiled. He went closer again and said "I am paid 650 Dalasis as an unqualified teacher," the baboon burst into tears. Mr. Samateh further went on to tell the baboon saying "I am married to four wives and have 14 children." The baboon burnt into further tears and ran with its chair into the bush. Mr. Samateh won the contest then. He received his certificate and cash prize and went home to Tabokoto. Teachers are to be helped even baboons know it. "Teaching a noble profession but." says an anonymous head teacher.

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