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House of Sermon aims to support musicians

Apr 23, 2010, 1:23 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

House of Sermon (HoS) is a charitable organisation aiming to support young musicians and artistes in the country.

Mr. Omar Carey, the Communication Officer of the organisation, said that the House of Sermon is a charitable organisation, adding that the idea of forming the organisation is to groom and mould young potential musicians and artistes from the grassroots to become highly talented professionals.

He said HoS was formed by friends and colleagues, and further revealed that they want to bring the teaching of music and art under one umbrella. 

Mr. Carey said they also want to create mentorship programs for young potential musicians and artiste, and to train prospective and talented youth in skills and vocations like playing the kora, halam, guitar, bongo, drums, the art of singing, producing movies, drama, concerts, handicraft, drawing and painting, magazine production, printing and designing, sculptor, fashion and modelling, cataloguing, sign writing, graphic arts, comedy, traditional and Western music, wrestling, ceramics production. He added that HoS would create employment opportunities, and performance outlets for the trained musicians and artistes, and forge links and partnerships with local and international artistes and musicians.

Mr. Carey called for a music and arts academy to be established in The Gambia, to groom young talented musicians and artistes. He revealed that his organisation's future plans include a nation-wide tour and auditioning program for school-going children, to search for talented youths.

Mr. Carey added that their main target beneficiaries would be youth, industry, entrepreneurs, social groups and communities, as well as entertainment bodies and institutions involved in the tourism sector.