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Holy Family's Confirmation and First Communion

May 20, 2008, 4:57 AM | Article By: By Augustine Kanjia

The Stella Maris Parish at Bakau has beaten record as they have been the first Catholic Church to celebrate Confirmation and First Communion on the feast of Pentecost. The Confirmation in the Church makes Catholics strong Christians and soldiers of God to be able to stand strong in faith and defend their faith by either becoming priests, Brothers or Sisters. With the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the young receive a lot of gifts that they are to share with those that need it. Some receive the gift of speech, and some are forced to join their church choir, lectors or one of the many functions of the church. First Communion children also for the first time get into the spirituality as Christ now lives within them. They learn to love Christ by going for confession and joining the Mass Servers to help on the Altar. Ten of the young lads received their Confirmation and eleven received their First Communion by his Lordship Bishop Robert Ellison on Pentecost Sunday barely ten days after Jesus' Ascension.

Bishop Ellison said in a few moment he would be confirming candidates. "Some times going for visa at any embassy one has to get recommendation letter from someone who knows you, writes it and signs it putting seal on it to authenticate the truth. The person who recommends must be genuine to send a recommendation." Bishop Ellison said.

The jammed packed church rejoiced and sang well to the delight of the twenty one candidates, and visitors. Bishop Ellison further said, "When we say today you are seal with the Holy Spirit, signed with the Sign of the Cross. Let us not shy away from the Cross because you cannot proclaim true Christianity without taking up your Cross."

Bishop Ellison said the Holy Spirit has gifts and the spirit is living in us so we are holy people. Shortly before Jesus died, He said, "I will send you a comforter who will remind you of all I have said and done that he will lead you." It is that Holy Spirit you are going to receive."

Bishop Ellison said there are all sorts of services to be done bit you have to discover which is good for you. When we look at the Gospel of John Chapter 20 verse 20, Bishop Ellison said, John and Mary went to anoint Jesus' body but they met nothing he had gone up. The disciples saw him later and he said to them, "Peace be with you as the Father as sent me so am I sending you, receive the Holy Spirit."

During the celebration, Bishop Ellison blessed the new presbytery of the Holy Family Church. A good number of the congregation went out in procession to the new presbytery and bless it. The Mass continued and the confirmation was done.

Parents and well wishers rejoiced after the programme. Salim Mboge said, "Now I am a Christian, I am strong and I should live my life in Christ." Ivita Eribo said, "God has done it for us. This is a beginning of a great start in our Christian life and with the help of our parents we shall remain faithful to Christ's noble call. He is always with us and not far from us." Abraham Obeika and other confirmed candidate, expressed thanks to the Sisters at Shalom and his parents and thinks that the confirmation will lead them to heaven as they work hard towards doing what God wants. We shall be close to God and we shall remember what we learnt and remain in Christ as soldiers. The little children receiving their First Communion read the prayers and sang quite well with the help of one of the Novices, Bibian Sambou. Thy read their prayers in English and Aku. Parents went home to enjoy the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, other churches continue their Confirmation and First Communion.