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Health Workers trained on maintaining safe and supportive environment

Feb 23, 2011, 12:46 PM | Article By: Momodou Faal

Kanbengo Foundation of The Gambia and Xorg Maat Werk, an organisation in the Neitherlands, recently concluded a four-day training workshop for about 30 health workers.

The training focused on maintaining a safe and supportive environment in health care settings in The Gambia at the Bangalo Beach Hotel.

Speaking in an interview with this paper shortly after the training, Mara Salved stated that their mission to the country was to train health workers.

She said that last year one of the members of Kanbengo Foundation in Holland linked her organisation with Kanbengo, which cemented the relationship between them and has necessitated the visit.

“Through the coordinator of Kanbengo Foundation in The Gambia, Kebba Manneh, we visited some of the health facilities in North Bank Region and are impressed with the health works, especially at the community level,” she said.

She pointed out that after their visit to the country a training programme was designed for the health workers to be trained on how to improve the hygienic condition at the health facilities.

She revealed that it is also part of their mission after the workshop to conduct a three-day field trip to some of the health centres in the North Bank and Central River Region.

Salverda added that during the field visits they will also develop a check list for the health facility which the health workers will use at their work pace to improve the sanitary situation at their facility.

For his part, Vim Van DER LAAN, the Communication trainer at the workshop, said he was impressed about the high level of participation demonstrated during the workshop.

He further tasked them to come up with sustainable solutions to the problems they are being confronted with at the various facilities.

He urged them to practise what they learn during the course of the training in order to make impact at their facilities.

Speaking earlier at the closing ceremony, Dr Adama Demba, Deputy Director of Health Services at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, thanked the trainer from the Netherlands and Marja Salverda and her organization for funding the training.

For his part, Kebba Manneh also thanked the Zorg Maat Werk for funding the training. He added that this is the first time Kanbengo Foundation is supporting the health sector, noting that in 2008, his organisation signed an MOU with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

He said the training is timely because it will greatly help the health workers in their work.

Mr Manneh stated that their foundation had also supported many Gambian communities in the North Bank and Central River Region, adding that Ballangarr Health facility was rehabilitated by them and work at Kuntair Health centre will commence soon.