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GWA expels adviser, suspends and fines M & B Promotion

Jul 10, 2014, 9:41 AM

The Gambia Wrestling Association (GWA) Executive has expelled Omar Burr Touray as an adviser of the federation with effect 1st July 2014, according to a letter signed by the association’s secretary general Habibou Nyassi, and sent to Pointsports.

In a similar development the GWA Executive has also suspended M & B Promotion not to organise/stage bouts in the Gambia for five months with effect 15 October 2014 to 15 February 2015 with also a fine of five thousand dalasi (D5,000), according to a letter sent to Pointsports and signed by Alh. Matarr Jarju, president of the association.

The letter, also copied to the National Sports Council (NSC) Wrestling Desk Officer, reads: “I write to inform you (Omar Burr Touray) that your services with the wrestling federation as an adviser have been terminated with effect from 1st July 2014.”

It added: “Sir, you were the then President of Boxing Wrestling who was designated to an Adviser of the GWF so as for you to contribute your quarter to the promotion of wrestling by licensing you to be a promoter.

“You were part of preparing the rules and regulations governing the wrestling sport and you venturing into the wrestling promotion, you should serve as an exemplary to all promoters because your contribution is part of what makes the rules today.”

It went on: “Today you Omar Burr Touray take those rules and regulations for granted which you stood firm to defend when you were the president of Boxing wrestling.”

It concluded: “GWF after having a due consultation at the Executive level it was finally agreed to dismiss and expel you from the Gambia wrestling federation because of taking the rules and regulations for grant.”

On the suspension and fine of M & B Promotion, the letter dated 30th June 2014 and copied to Pointsports reads: “M & B promotion have been given five months suspension not to organize/stage bouts in The Gambia with effect from the 15th October 2014-15th February 2015 with five thousand Dalasis (D5,000) payment before your return into the arena together with a strong apology letter to the Executive of this association, wrestling clubs managers and the general public.

“However, M & B promotion came to the GWA office to sign a bout between Viper and Ernest on the 4th June 2014 where Viper was contracted and Ernest was not, knowingly to M & B that Ernest was not contracted.

“M & B Promotion intentionally faked the general public by informing the public true radio adverts that the grand bout/combat is between Viper and Ernest thereby taping money on a fake bout.”

The GWA release stated: “On the 11th June 2014 your promotion was asked to stop advertising a bout that is not signed by the GWA Executive but it turned to be the opposite thereby violation of the rules and regulations governing the wrestling sport.

“M & B Promotion is solely responsible for the termination of a wrestler membership in a wrestling club by channeling a bout negotiation through the wrestler thereby causing a problem in the club which resulted into the termination of membership when it is clear to everybody that wrestling clubs are the backbones of the wrestling association and their integrity will not be compromised.”

It stated further: “On the 17th June 2014 a letter was sent to your Promotion informing you that Ernest will not fight for the bout because he (Ernest) has no signed contract and M & B Promotion is given 24 hours to inform the general public that Ernest will not fight for the bout but your Promotion jumped up so high to the national governing body for sports (National Sport Council) and gave the NSC a wrong impression and they the NSC wrote a letter to the GWA requesting to put aside our difference and the bout to take place on the 21st June, thereby breaking the chain of protocol and disrespecting the authority of the GWA Executive.

“On the 20th June a letter and a phone call reached M & B Promotion by the Secretary General of this association informing you that the decision of the Wrestling Association still remains the same as Ernest can’t fight for the bout because there is no signed contract for him and he (Ernest) will not be allowed to enter or attend the wrestling.

“M & B after knowing that asked Ernest to dress and come to the Independence Stadium thereby by belittling and going against the words of the wrestling association which licensed you to be promoters.”

In conclusion the GWA warns: “The Gambia Wrestling Association seizes the opportunity to finally warn and call on M & B Promotion to fully comply with the decision and deter from such as for the last time. Failure to comply, your wrestling promotional Licence will be revoked with immediate effect.”