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Guineans must allow peace to prevail!

May 28, 2013, 9:55 AM

At least five more people have been reported dead over the weekend in Guinea in the country’s protracted political crisis.

In March, eight people were reported dead, and over 200 reported injured in the West African country.

We are very much concerned about the political situation in our sister nation, and therefore call on all actors in Guinea’s political spectrum to resolve the dialogue.

The scheduled legislative elections should proceed to ensure complete transition to civil rule in that country.

President Alpha Conde and his opponents, including Cellou Dalein Diallo need to put the interest of the people of Guinea ahead of their individual interests.

Once more, our advice to our Guinean brothers and sisters is to resolve their differences, through dialogue and do away with tribal politics.

To the young people of Guinea it’s time that you say enough is enough and force your leaders to peaceful and non-violent negations.

The young people of Africa, including those in Guinea, have paid a heavy price for political conflicts and wars, and it’s high time they embraced peace.

We must stop the killings on the African continent; vandalising and looting of properties to give chance to peace.

We are calling on Guinean politicians to reach a compromise in deciding the fate of their country.

It is only through dialogue that the country can make progress to complete a democratic transition. Otherwise, they would cause more harm than good.