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GSK to Embark on Malaria Research in Gunjur

Jul 29, 2008, 12:40 PM | Article By: By Lamin Darboe

As part of the drive to eradicate malaria from the village of Gunjur, the Gunjur Sateh Kafoo yesterday embarked on a massive malaria research project.

The aim of the research is to come up with a solution to the disease which kills mainly children and badly affects pregnant women in Gunjur.

According to the members of the Gunjur Sateh Kafoo, the Kafoo has pledged to do their level best to fight against malaria and make sure to make becomes a thing of the past in Gunjur. They also pledged to urge the people of Gunjur to use bed nets to prevent mosquito bites. The Kafoo also thanked their sponsors the Derek Bailey Foundation for their kindness and contributions towards the eradication of malaria in Gunjur.