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One of The Most Daring Indoor Adventures Ever ...

Jun 25, 2009, 5:57 AM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

Have you ever been a victim of robbery, a needless assault, have you ever been pursued like a prey or yet still a victim of an accident?

If you have been a victim of one of these, have you realized that your adrenaline surges up and your heart beats faster than a drum and loud enough you become afraid that the next person would hear it. One might think that one is in a bad dream, and might try to close his or her eyes and believe that when he or she opens them again all would come to normalcy, but the reality always remains the same. It depends on how one reacts to the situation and how one wriggles oneself out of such a misfortune. It needs endurance, calculation and determination. 

I have once been a victim of robbery and this is an account of what happened.

I was sleeping in my room when I was awakened by muffled voices and the sharp clatter of plates. I got up slowly, flung my blanket on the other side of the bed and tip-toed on the cold floor towards the door of my living-room. When I reached the door I peeped through the key-hole and saw some men clad in very dark clothes at such an ungodly hour. They were five of them and they wore face mask to save themselves from being identified. They were armed to the teeth. My heart jumped to my mouth and I felt adrenaline surge to my brain. Nausea overtook me and I restrain myself from vomiting. I tip-toed backwards and took my bedroom phone from the night-stand and dialed the nearest police station. My face registered the depths of my disappointment, fear and horror when the line went dead.

My feet went numb with fear when I thought that this night was going to be the death of me. I heard approaching feet and my heart raced faster than it ever had. I heard loud fists thumping down my door and finally a stocky man brought down the door. He grinned and revealed dirty teeth which haven't felt the effect of a tooth brush for a long time. In the middle of his disarrayed teeth, there was a huge space. His middle tooth must have been broken down by a duel he was involved in or might be in an armed robbery operation, I thought to myself in that precious second. He moved towards me like a predator carefully hunting a prey. My eyes opened trice its size as I waited for my fate.

He grabbed my tiny hands, for tiny they are in comparison to his meaty hands. I resisted, but knew that I could do nothing while his accomplices were around. I was undoubtedly sure that they were searching for valuable materials and cash. The bulky man asked me where I kept my possessions and I told him that I had none in the house with me. He threatened me with a gun, but I maintained my stand. No one could live a decent life anymore without being robbed, be it daylight or night robbery, I nearly voiced my thought out, but my mouth was gagged by my captor. I heard the clatter of plates and spoons in my kitchen and prayed to God for my neighbors to hear it so that they would come to my rescue. The bulky man heaved down on me with his bad breath when he tried to tie me up and I struggled with what little air was left for me to take in. I jabbed him in his ribs, but he overcame me with a slap that sent me reeling to space with its force. When he was finished tying me up, he went to join the others. They must have collected my most precious marbles and electronic gadgets, I said to myself.

They opened the door to dash off, but not so fast, because my neighbors were ready for them and they have got the police for back-up. The armed robbers looked around for the shortest route for escape, but that was going to be a narrow escape. My neighbors yanked the door open and reached for them. They lashed out at them with their clubs and sticks, but the authorities advised them not to take the law into their own hands. When they were handed over to them, I made muffled sounds through my gag and they came for me. I was freed from my shackles and I thanked them all for their timely rescue.

 I was glad that such acts would be reduced from then on since the robbers were arrested. I breathed a sigh of relief as I inspected my house and locked the windows and doors tightly. It was nearly dawn when I went to sleep, very exhausted and worn out from the bruises I received from my neck and mouth. When I woke up I greeted the new day with much enthusiasm as I went about my daily business.