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Grizzly Gym donates to Gambia Martial Arts Academy

Aug 12, 2011, 4:29 PM

Grizzly Gym, a martial arts association based in Kingston, Canada, recently donated some martial arts training materials to their Gambian partners, The Gambia Martial Arts Academy (GMAA).

The donated materials were received on behalf of the GMAA by its coordinator, Yorro Njie, at a ceremony held at the Gambia Martial Arts Training Centre.

The materials included sparring gloves, headgears and many other miscellaneous items.

Speaking during the presentation, Yorro Njie explained that Grizzly Gym is one of the most renowned martial arts organizations in Canada that offer instruction in Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling, as well as in a number of other arts.

According to Mr Njie, this world champion plans to visit The Gambia sometime next year to promote and widen his world experience in Submissive Wrestling.

Njie promises that the materials will be put to good use and sincerely thanked the donors for their kindly gesture.