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GNOC records significant surplus after one year in office - Ousman Wadda

Aug 24, 2010, 12:58 PM | Article By: Sainabou Kujabi

Ousman Wadda, the Treasurer of the Gambia National Olympic Committee has noted that the NOC has made a very significant surplus in its financial standing during their first year in office.

He said, "After the accounts have been audited for 2009, we have made a surplus of D1,151,400.00, compared to the former executive who had a surplus of D234, 913 in 2008."

The surplus, he added, is as a result of the cutting down of the expenses and the initiation of a control mechanism on the finances, such as traveling.

"Because of the surplus were able to buy a four wheel vehicle for the Executive Director and supported 8 national associations this year with a tune of D596, 696, compared to 2008 when the former executive only allocated D122, 695. This shows that since our elections in June last year, we are here to serve all the associations," he stated.

He pointed out that a clear manifestation was during the just concluded ANOCA youth games, which was not part of the budget of the NOC, but the executive committee went ahead to ensure The Gambia's participation resulting in the winning of medals for the country .

In addition, he said, the NOC has registered in all international competitions and for the first time, four national associations would be taken to the Commonwealth games.

"We intend to make this in rotational basis for other national associations to give them the chance to participate," he stated.

Another significant move made by the NOC in its drive to attain supporting The Gambia is the recent attainment of scholarship for a high performance training camp ahead of London 2012.

"We are also working on a pre game training camp with Yorkshire University," he told Pointsport.

Ousman Wadda who is also serving a four-term in the Technical Committee of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation is the first Gambian to hold such a position at this level. This was made possible through the creation of a conducive environment by the new face of the GNOC that allows members to attend events on behalf of the NOC.

"The NOC is working on a Japanese grant to sponsor Weight Lifting, Karate and Judo. Negotiations are in the process and this is thanks to the intermediately role of Beatrice Allen, IOC member for The Gambia. With her status at the IOC The Gambia is benefiting a lot as most NOC's try to get bilateral relations from her."

"Being an IOC member from sub-Saharan Africa she has recently succeeded in getting equipment to four national associations, and the most recent one is with the Koreans who want to establish a sport library and Brazil, as well with similar motives," he stated.

He pointed out that as an executive member of the GNOC, he is aware that Madam Allen, who has been enjoying the status of an IOC member for the past 5 years, plans to meet the President of IOC Jacque Rogge, to see how The Gambia can greatly benefit from the IOC. He added that all this is geared towards government's efforts to raise the standards of Gambian sports.

Also lamenting on the finances of the NOC, Wadda boasted that in one year they have motivated the NOC's staff by increasing their salaries by 90%. The office salary was last increased once in the past ten years.

"Part of our plans are to renovate the Olympic House and build a modern structure that can host conferences, accommodate offices for associations and host international guests during programmes which will be  in line with sister countries," he noted.

While noting that office staff now has the opportunity to travel unlike before, a staff at the NCO said under the new executive, the Executive Director often travels with the President and Secretary-General in almost all functions.

The source linked this to the better working tools and favourable environment at the office.