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Looming crisis at our apex sports bodies redress sought

Aug 24, 2010, 12:46 PM | Article By: Kebba Yorro Manneh

Yes, and emphatically yeas, the above caption is a reality if not curbed, thus redress is sought from the highest of hegemony of our dear motherland who is a no nonsense man in counteracting such atrocities and ills that tend to tinker with our very fabric of our peaceful co-existence here in The Gambia-No Problem only such mishaps tampering with that pedestal of ours to be really the Smiling Coast.

Undoubtedly, HE Sheikh, Professor, Dr. Alhagie, Yahya, AJJ Jammeh has no sacred cows and does not mince his words nor delay action in exterminatingnefarious acts an asset of valuable leadership that endears all patriotic Gambians and the residents alike, to rever him for this singular feat hence these days, he is captivating most dissent voices to recapitulate to his leadership only being blocked by those in the corridors of power with their Ostracization Tactics.

Can This Be Remedied?

The crux of this write-up is to invoke his intervention as ever proffered by my humble self and veteran, truth and critical sports presenter Moses Ndene who indeed is a champion in that drive to advocate for the Bird Eye View by HE the President on ministries to regulate them.

Without doubt this has paid dividend in Energy Agriculture Works-name it hence it must now be the turn of youth and sports to sanitise things.

Unfortunately, he is on annual leave but I am 100 percent sure that once he resumes to work, there will be redress sooner than later.

Meanwhile, the populace must be engaged in a national dialogue as to what is wrong in this domain and map out strategies on the way forward.

Can This Jawjaw Begin?

Yes, it has to as that is the only way out.

Readers can attest to the fact that my outbursts on such to the extent of being a petrified, outspoken and charismatic critic only to be elbowed out of all the circles by the stigma of being labelled opposition, but God is testimony to my avid for my dear motherland hence no relent to see this thrive.

The vindication for me, these days to absolve me, is the startling revelations at both the National Sports Council and the Headless Olympic Committee.

Reference to my letter to HE the President on my outbursts in happenings in the sector urging for redress in December 2009, the synopsis of which gave an insight into the MISHAPS of constitutional crisis, no centre to hold and over and above all the fraudulent activities within the sector, am glad to report here that letter in question was stigmatised and purportedly blocked by the Ministry of Youth and Sports by correspondence from me just to put me at bay.