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GMC throws weight behind UDP

Nov 11, 2011, 1:06 PM

Ahead of the much-talked about presidential election slated for 24th November, the opposition Gambia Moral Congress, GMC, has announced that it is throwing its weight behind the main opposition United Democratic Party, UDP.

A statement signed by its party leader, Mai Ahmad Fatty, said this is within the framework of an opposition political alliance.

Below we have the full text of the GMC statement:

The GMC National Working Committee, pursuant to the powers granted under its Constitution, and in conformity with its Declaration of Intent on 7th November 2010, has resolved to throw its weight behind the candidature of Hon. Ousainou Darboe of the United Democratic Party within the framework of an opposition alliance.

Therefore, GMC as a fully fledged alliance partner shall participate effectively in all electoral processes and electioneering activities throughout the country in coordination with our alliance partners to assure electoral victory.

I call on all GMC party militants throughout the country to come out in their strongest numbers to vote massively for the alliance candidate, Hon. Ousainou Darboe.

I ask you all to defend your citizenship, make sure that your votes count, and defend your national dignity. I ask you to rise up to the challenge, be as vigilant as a serpent, defend the honour of our national sovereignty, the integrity of our Republican State, and stand firm in defence of the entrenched provisions of our Constitution.

Let me assure you all, that the best alternative, among all candidates, is Hon. Ousainou Darboe.

With him, we stand to build a New Gambia that will be the envy of Africa and the world.

I take this opportunity to express our serious disappointment that GMC has not been successful in clearing its campaign materials from the Gambia Customs who required a letter from the IEC to enable them process the cargo.

We are even more disappointed that the IEC has refused to issue such supporting letter, in response to our request.

The said letter, signed by Chairman Mustapha Carayol, referenced AGC 61/87/02/(109), dated 9th November 2011 addressed to us, categorically denies responsibility.

The Elections Decree mandates the IEC to facilitate the clearance of campaign materials.

Its refusal to issue such a supporting letter to GMC to enable us clear our campaign materials does not augur well.

We hope that the IEC shall place itself in the position to conduct a credible election.

In conclusion, I urge all Gambians to exercise their right to vote in a peaceful and orderly manner. Gambians are peace-loving citizens. Let us nurture the peace and stability that we the citizens of this Nation have created in our country. Do not respond to provocation, but defend your legitimate rights.

Peace is our most valuable asset. Let us cherish it. Let us preserve it. There is nothing as precious as peace.

Long live the Republic of The Gambia! Long live Africa! Long live the Alliance!

Dated 9th November 2011.