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Ghana to Host IYF World Camp

Jul 2, 2009, 6:05 AM

If everything goes well, Ghana will in August this year host the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) world camp.

The IYF is a World Wide Youth Organization deeply taking to heart youth problems, and was created in 1995 on the foundation of Christianity, by individuals from various fields and levels.

It could be recalled that last year six Gambian university students attended the IYF world camp.

This year, the IYF Gambia Chapter is currently working tirelessly to secure the necessary funds to send some 20 youths to Ghana between August 6th and 14th 2009.

The IYP was registered in The Gambia in 2007 and works to promote advancement of the youth in areas of education, health, social welfare, and sports.

Activities planned for this year's camp include cultural performance, IYF festival, Spiritual uplifting, IYF academy, and lectures.

The camp also aims at giving youths direction in life; serve as an opportunity for young people from different countries to network and share experiences.