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Special Divine Service for Departed Souls

Feb 27, 2009, 5:02 AM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

Over one hundred participants were on the 22nd of February 2009 gathered at the BundungApostolicChurch to prepare for the forthcoming special divine service for the departed souls.

Speaking at the ground shortly after the church services, Mr. Jens Lindemann, the Vice President of the church, pointed out that they have 80 in the congregation and 4,500 members in The Gambia. Mr. Jens Lindemann used the opportunity to notify all the members adding that the friends are also welcome.

Mr. Jens revealed that he normally visits The Gambia twice a year in order to take up the responsibility of the administration and make it stronger.

Mr. Lindemann quoted Jesus by saying, "I live and you will also live" - John .

Mr. Edward Carney, the new rector and evangelist, revealed that the day service is to level the ground to prepare for the 1st of March 2009. He stated that that is the day that the invited souls will be able to receive the holy sacrament.

Mr. Edward added that all friends, loved ones and most especially the relatives are cordially invited to this service in bringing to mind of benevolent ones that have gone to receive the holy sacrament.