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GFF boss: ‘We could have lifted the ban but…’

Oct 2, 2013, 9:31 AM | Article By: Lamin Cham

The Gambia Football Federation President Mustapha Kebbeh on Monday revealedthat the issues of the banning of some football stakeholders is a complex issue that requires careful study, wide consultation,assessment of all details and evidences relating to the matter beforeany decisions could be made.

He was responding to questions posed at a press briefing he called to talk about his recent visit to Fifa.

Mr Kebbeh said his committee has obligation to serve the interest of football stakeholders in the most transparent and fair manner hence the attention to details in whatever they do.

‘‘We could have lifted this ban immediately after been elected as we have the mandate and the power to do so but we do not want to govern by our own wishes or Mr Kebbeh’s wishes. No. We want to look at all issues and find out all facts and go through a process before acting,’’ Kebbeh said.

The GFF president also disclosed that his talks at Fifa dealt with other matters like finance and developmental programmes aim at providing opportunities for Gambian youths to attain their potentials in Football.

“Am pleased to announce that Fifa has agreed to fund another artificial turf and the refurbishment of the National Technical Training center; Am not at liberty though to disclose the exact place it will be but the new turf will be in the regions,’’ he said.

Kebbeh said the Performance Programme under which Fifa helps national associations to capacitize their various departments would soon be underway as experts from the world governing body are due here next week. ‘‘Together we shall evaluate and assess and identify the areas needing assistance under this programme,’’ he said.

On financial matters, Kebbeh said relations with Fifa on this matter are as usual, transparent and cordial. “We have completed and submitted the FAB audit of the period during the transition and the normal auditing too is underway,’’ he said.