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GFA Organising Committee rules on Steve Biko Vs Brikama United Match

May 23, 2012, 3:52 PM

The Gambia Football Association organising committee has arrived at a ruling meant to settle the problem surrounding Steve Biko against Brikama United during a national league match in March.

Below is the full text of the release from the Gambia Football Association signed by GFA’s media officer Bakary B. Baldeh.

I am directed to write on behalf of the GFA Organising Committee to relay through you to the general public about the outcome and conclusion of the committee’s findings on the league match trouble between Steve Biko FC and Brikama United played at the Independence Stadium on Friday 30th March, 2012 which resulted in the hospitalisation and bodily harm of players on both sides.

It could be recalled that after the ugly incident happened on the fateful Friday of March 30th, the Organising Committee set up a sub-body with a view to finding out as much information as possible the reasons for the trouble so that a fair, just and informed decision could be taken. While the committee was doing its administrative investigation about the matter, the police were also doing a parallel one both of which are meant to probe into the facts surrounding the case.

The Committee held series of closed door meetings, investigations and further invited stakeholders from both clubs for interviews relative to the case under investigation. Based on the investigations carried out by the committee, a final ruling has been established as thus:

Although the absence of security could be attributed to circumstances beyond control, the GFA accepts full responsibility for this shortcoming.

The Committee has endorsed the decision of the Referees Committee to suspend the match referee on the day Ansu Jaata for a period of one year from all local matches and further recommend that this be extended to all international matches organised by CAF and FIFA

The Committee has agreed to suspend player No:14 Lamin Camara and No:19 Fabakary Bojang both of Steve Biko for two matches for violent conduct against the intruder ( Brikama United).

The Committee has agreed to write to both Brikama United and Steve Biko Football Clubs to remind them of their responsibility to educate and restrain their players and supporters from taking part in any behaviors that would bring disrepute to the game

Furthermore, the committee has agreed to suspend the Brikama United supporter by the name Alhagie Bojang, who intruded into the field of play, for a period of five years from all football matches played in The Gambia.

The GFA Normalisation Committee has also agreed to offer any form of support that may be required to the players of both clubs who suffered bodily harm during this incident.

Finally, the committee has decided to order that the said match be replayed since it was abandoned before its conclusion on a date to be determined by the Organising Committee.

The Organising Committee assures the general public that the above conclusions on the matter is based on the interest of common goal to strive for the best of Gambian football and avert possible match troubles in the future.

In the same vein, the general public is advised that such cases of unsporting behaviors will not be tolerated any longer as it endangers the beauty of Gambian football and by extension a bad stain to The Gambia’s reputable trouble-free football record in the international world.

Finally, the GFA Normalisation Committee enjoins the Organising Committee to deeply apologies for any inconvenience this matter must have caused. While the committee conveys their resolve to work hard for the betterment of Gambian football, do accept my highest sporting felicitations.