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German Embassy Supports Kartong

Dec 4, 2008, 4:17 AM

The German Embassy in Dakar, Senegal, through its Banjul office, has provided tie and dye materials, gas cookers and deep freezers worth over D104,000 to Kartong Women's Group.

The support was facilitated by The Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices (GAMCOTRAP). The group comprised of women and girls will benefit from the support to improve their economic status and that of their families.

Presenting the materials at a brief ceremony held at the Kartong Skills Centre, the representative of the German Embassy in The Gambia, Anita Martin expressed satisfaction about the work of the women and said she expects the project to contribute to women's empowerment by reducing their economic and physical burdens. The Embassy, she noted, is proud to be associated with the Kartong women.

Receiving the materials, the president of the Kartong women's kafo, Mariama Jabang, expressed delight with the support provided by the German embassy. She said the materials and equipment would enhance their skills and productivity to ensure future expansion as well as reduce the economic burden on the women of Kartong. She thanked GAMCOTRAP for the collaboration and identifying them for the project.

The Director of the Skills Center Ousman Jabang, noted that the project is strategic for the women to support and build cordial relationships within their families. Speaking on the tie and dye initiative, Mr. Jabang said the materials are given to the women on credit with some interest repaid to the kafo. Through the credit scheme, both the women and the kafo benefit.

The Skills center also provides training for young girls and some of its graduates are currently employed within the hotel industry. The gas cookers and deep freezers will enhance their cookery classes.Mr. Jabang cited the importance of the center to empower women through adult literacy classes in Mathematics and English.

One of the women testified the importance of the kafo in providing financial support to its members.She recalled on incident where her son was ill math kidney problem and that the kafo had to foot the hospital bills which she is paying back gradually from her business.

The young girls also appreciated the support and promised to engage fully in order to develop their skills and engage in economic activities.