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Gambian swimmers shine in Dakar-Goree Swimming Marathon

Oct 21, 2013, 10:39 AM

Two junior swimmers from Gambia Swimming & Aquatic Sports Association have shined after taking part in the just concluded Dakar-Goree Open Water Swimming competition held in Senegal on 29 September 2013.

Pap Jagen of Barra and Omar Darboe of Tanji, the two regional champions, both competed in the 4.5Km and successfully completed the race.

In the Cadet category, Omar Darboe came out 2nd with timing of 01:38:10 and an overall ranking of 89 out of the 338 swimmers in course B of the 4.5km race, whilst Pap Jagen took 3rdposition with timing of 01:44:40 and a ranking of 110 out of 338 swimmers.

The competition was categorised into two courses, A & B. Course A was the longest - a 5.200Km course for senior swimmers, whilst course B was the junior course of 4.5Km for cadet and junior swimmers.

Statistically, the total number of participants was 338 swimmers from all the different categories.

According to the swimmers, this was their first international swimming experience, which they believe has spurred them to do more in future competitions.

The competition was attended by competitors from Senegal, Mali, Niger and The Gambia.

The trip of the Gambian team was headed by two officials - Yorro Njie and Arfang Jobe, International FINA Open Water referees, who officiated as course judges.