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Gambian long distance runners impress the UK

May 14, 2013, 10:32 AM

Mariama T. Jallow and Lamin Sanneh, current champions of the Brufut marathon, on Sunday ran in the Sheffield marathon and came out fourth in both the male and female 21-kilometer race out of a large field of eight thousand runners.

The duo, accompanied by Coach Modou Lamin Keita, are from the Gambia Police Force and are in the UK to run the Sheffield and Manchester runs. 

In the female race, Gambian sensation Mariama Jallow finished the half marathon in 1.22 min., while Lamin Sanneh did the men’s section in 1.11 min.

Meanwhile a sizeable group of Gambians led by host Ebrima Manneh, Sidi Sanneh and others residing in Leeds, teamed up with Brufut marathon partner Martin Myers of the Friends of The Gambia to cheer up the Gambian athletes.

Gambia national army athlete Hoja Secka and coach Lamin Jatta, who are in the UK for the Manchester run, were also on hand to cheer the duo.

The next run for the Gambians is on May 26 at Manchester.

Learning about the good performance of the athletes, Brufut Marathon Association chairman Ba S. Jabbie said he is profoundly delighted to be associated with the achievement.

“I must thank our partners - the British High Commission, Brussels  Airlines, Fotga, the Gambia Police Force and the Gambian community in Leeds - for their efforts in realising this project,’’ he said.

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