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Supporting the farmers

May 10, 2012, 1:50 PM

Farmers in all the six agricultural regions of the country would soon benefit from a free supply of fertilizer, courtesy of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

The ally Asian nation yesterday donated to The Gambia over one thousand metric tonnes of compound and urea fertilizer.

The fertilizer we understand would be distributed to farmers by the Taiwan Agriculture Technical Mission team based in the country.

This would also ensure that the fertilizer, which was made possible thanks to the Taiwanese tax payers, reach no other person or group in the Gambia other than the intended farmers.

Fertilizer is a great ingredient for agricultural development; thus making it available in a timely manner is essential for our farmers.

The gesture would, no doubt, boost agricultural productivity in the country, particularly rice production.

We must emphasize that the would be beneficiaries must put the fertilizer in good use, since it is very timely and relevant for their survival.

We are also of the view that the national efforts in addressing and mitigating the effects of the current food shortage must be intensified.

It is our belief that when some farmers receive fertilizer, without having no food in their stores to eat, they might end up selling the fertilizer in exchange for food.

As such, we call on the government and her development partners to give more food aid to the poor and suffering farmers, who harvested little or nothing during the last cropping season.

Once more, we would like to thank the government and people of Taiwan for their timely support to our farmers.