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"Gambian Football Has Changed Now" - Sega Cisse

Sep 8, 2008, 8:19 AM | Article By: By Ebou Manneh

"Gambian Football Has Changed Now"- Sega Cisse

Sega Cisse, former Senegalese veteran footballer described as one of the best players ever produced by Senegal, has said that Gambian football is on the up  and not like before when Senegal always beat them.

The Senegalese legend Alhaji Sega Cisse, while speaking to Pointsports, said,  "football has changed and The Gambia has a good team not like in the past during my time when  we used to beat the Gambian team. Despite that they always played good football. Now football has moved and The Gambia has a big team not one Senegal will come and beat easily."

He said that the reason for coming over  to The Gambia to watch the Gambia /Liberia game "is to show that the two countries will never be divided and will always remain the same. The veteran players of both countries recently played a friendly game to foster unity between the two sides."

According to Mr. Cisse, "The Gambia has shown us fairly in our game in Banjul and we want to do the same in Dakar when The Gambia visit Senegal 12 October 2008."

He said, "the game between The Gambia and Senegal will not be an easy game at all, but Senegal have more chance as they are playing at home which is an advantage for the Senegalese."

"The only thing that The Gambia need is to work on is in scoring"

He further thanked the first vice president of The Gambia Football Association, Major General Lang Tombong Tamba, for his gratitude  and support during the Senegal/ Liberia game in Dakar and all the Gambian veteran players.