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Gambian cyclist Lamarana Bah sets record in Tour De Senegal

Dec 28, 2010, 3:56 PM

Lamarana Bah has set a new record in the 2010 tour de Senegal staged recently, after covering a distance of 135km leading the group and winning three stages in a row. 

Lamarana was part of sixty-two cyclists from around the world who attended the 13th edition of the Tour de Senegal, was ranked among the best juniors and won a trophy for The Gambia as well as an individual cash prize.

He was part of the Gambian delegation of six cyclists, accompanied by a coach and two officials. The delegation was headed by Momodou Demba, who recently returned from Thies, Senegal, after successfully participating in the 2010 Tour de Senegal.

The first stage of the championship was a circuit within Thies covering a 30km run. Because of their speciality, skills and qualities, the Gambian cyclists were able to complete the first stage. 

The second stage, which started from Thies to Saint Louis, marked a distance of 198km in which the six Gambian cyclists participated successfully. The training they underwent helped them to complete the distance with a commendable performance. 

The third stage which started from St Louise to Lounge and back to St Louise covered a distance of 140km. Two Gambian cyclists Buba Jobe and Musa Fatty could not complete the distance because of poor facilities and heavy bicycle, which led to their disqualification from the rest of the championship.

 In the fourth stage which started the from St Louise to Thies, a distance of 198km, Eliman Jammeh sprinted at a distance of 45km leading the group together with  Lamarana Jallow, who attracted lots of admiration from both the cyclists and the coaches from different countries. He was ranked among the best junior competitors. 

Sulayman Colley and Eliman Jammeh have both done well by ensuring the Gambia team made a mark in the competition as both of them completed the 198km race.

 The fifth stage started from Popenguine through Diamniado to Tiwawon covered a distance of 92km. This was competed by two of the Gambian cyclists Sulayman Colley and champion Lamarana Bah.  Eliman Jammeh could not compete because he had a stomachache which ruled him out for the rest of the championship

Lamarana Bah and Sulayman Colley made it to the sixth stage which started from Thies to Jurubell covering a distance of 140km.  Both did well and successfully completed the race.   

The seventh stage started from Someone to Thies and back to Someone was completed by Lamarana Jallow and Sulayman Colley, in which Lama was ranked 7th .

The eighth stage, which was actually the final stage of this year’s championship, was held at the Monument Renaissance Africane, a circuit covering a distance of 90km on individual timing. 

Lamarana Bah was ranked among the best juniors and won a trophy and an individual cash prize. 

Gambia’s participation in this year’s championship was made possible by Trust Bank Ltd and co-sponsors Elton Oil Gambia Ltd.